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Founded in 2005, Rdb Network (www.rdbnetwork.com) is a group of companies focused on providing the best experience and service for purchasing domains, web hosting & development, email hosting, ssl certificates, photography services and more.

The business units of RDB NETWORK GROUP include:

Domain, Web Hosting, SSL & more services.

Domain Names, WHOIS Search, DNS & IP Tools

Premium & Vanity Email Services.

URL Shortener and Link Management Platform for all users

Y2Z CDN Network
File Sharing Services & CDN

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Kemzzy Worldwide
High end fashion, product, exquisite, modern and contemporary photography internationally

Premium Domains: We offer premium domains that are brandable for any industry. Premium domain names are,
allnew.in, askmy.org, crazybrother.com, findnew.info, heavywebhosting.com, onlyfounder.com, future.internet.in & more.

Through ZLiveHost.com, we offer domain name services amongst dozens of TLDs including .com, .net, .org, Server, Web Hosting and more High end web hosting for the beginner web user to the serious programmer. We offer everything from shared hosting to VPS, dedicated servers and SSL.

CEO & Corporate Officers

We’re like an ice-cream: multiple flavours combining to deliver one wholesome experience.

Mr. A. Dey

CEO and Founder

Ms. J. Dey

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Ms. S. D'silva

Chief Legal Officer

Mr. A. Dutta

Chief Financial Officer

Fully Managed Hosting Solutions

Delivering services worldwide through its different ventures and by collaborating with partners.

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Our Great Story

A commitment to superior Customer service and reinvestment helped position Rdb Network as a trusted partner for small businesses. And the journey moved forward with a multi brand strategy serving a breadth of Customer preferences.
Rdb Network's services is used by million subscribers in the world today. And now with an international presence, we are set to offer our solutions to small over the world.

Fast Growing Company

Professional Team

Lovely Support

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